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Mahmoud Ahmed Youssef
Movie and Book Reviews
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On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read. I might use a format similar to this for my reviews.

Movie Reviews

  1. Ga`na el Bayan el taly : Mohammed Henedy - Hanan Tork.
  2. Mafia : Ahmed el sakka - Mona Zaky.
  3. Mallaky Alex. : Ahmed Ezz - Ghada Adel - Nour - Ragab.
  4. Sokar Hanem : 3abd el Monem Ibrahim - Omar el Sherif - Kamal el Shenawy.
  5. El Manzel Raqam 13 : 3emad Hamdy.

Book Reviews

Flash, by Khaled El Safty:

Flash is from the most interesting books that I read, It is a group of books that includes a lot of stories and information about all things, Khaled El Safti the writer of the book is so interesing, I love him, and I somtimes write to him, from the most famous figures (personalities) of the book are: Nazir, El Moaten el Mathoon, Alam, Serour.........and others that I love them.