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Mahmoud Ahmed Youssef
Shoutouts to My Friends
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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

As you had known before, I have many friends in the school or in the club(at the team) but my best friends is school ones, and I`d like to say their names:
Khaled Hazem, Ayman Gamal, Hossam Mohammed, Mohammed Ezz, Mostafa omar, Ahmed Ezz, Mahmoud Mostafa, Mohammed mostafa, Ahmed Atfy, Nader Mousaa, Amr Fowy, Shehab Fahim, Hatem Sherif, Karim Ahmed, Sherif Hassan .......................................and ALL my friends.
and here are some shoutouts for the best of them: 

Khaled Hazem (The Boss)
From my best friends

Khaled Hazem
Khaled Hazem (the boss) his nicknam. he is one of my best friends. I had known him since the 5th primary. i love him so much.He`s 14 years. He loves playing sports espesially football he`s a good player. he`s living behind me.We usually go to school or the club with each other.
He`s so funny. I really love him.

Shehab is one of my best friends, I had known him since the first year prep. when he came to school,It was his first year in El Horreya language school,After he left Pyramids one, We was at the same class in 1st, 2nd, 3rd years preparatory, He`s so funny, He so good at playing counter strike game,He`s living in Garden city, The most famous about bhim that he didn`t come in the time, he usually come after his time, He loves chasing Ayman (Gemy).
He didn`t like nofalation of Ayman, He`s 14 years old, he has one big brother (Sherif). I love  shiba very much.    

Shehab (Shiba Unknown)
Shehab Ahmed Fahim

Ayman Gamal Mohammed Sayed Ahmed Nassar

Ayman (Gemy) Nassar:
Ayman Gamal Mohammed Sayed Ahmed Nassar his name, we had studied it cause he say it to us too much,he`s 15, He loves football, he plays well,He`s very proud of himself, He is funky, and always make (nofalation),He is so funny,He loves his hair very much, He loves the Ahly team,I love him so much, He`s living in Agouza behind me.