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Mahmoud Ahmed Youssef
Friends Photo Album
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Here are some pictures of my friends.

Those are all my friends

Those are some of my school friends:
From top (left to right): Hatem - Khaled - Ayman - Houda - toto - Me - Mostafa - Brazila - Atfy. 

Me and my friend Hatem (Hatoosh)

Here is my friend`s picture (Hatem), His name is Hatem Sherif Badr el dine, He is at the second year secondary, He`s 15, He loves playing football in defense way, He plays the Hokey sport in Zamalek club with Khaled, They are cousines, Hatem`s mother is My teacher (Mrs Lamia) in Arabic subject, I love her and he so much. 


 Nizar is one of my best friends. I`d known him since 5th prep. but he is now in Germany. I missed him so much. He`s coming back the next october. He arrived there from about a year.
He speaks german well. i love him so much. He loves swimming and playing gitar. he`s so amazing.

Mostafa (Tifa - Pepsi - The baby killer)

Mostafa is one of my school friends, He is 14, I had known him from about three years, He`s very interested in all things....(for going to club, cinema, playing football or in net cafe.......) He is a good biliardo player, He is the top of all us. I love him so much.

Mahmoud Mostafa
Houda Professional

Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud (Houda professional his nickname) He is one of my school friends, He was at the same class with me at the fifth primary, But at the first year preparatoy He went to Dar el tarbeya school and He is still there, we saw each other at the club, He plays fooball well, also he is clever in school.

Ahmed Atfy

Ahmed Atfy is one of my friends, He lives in El Mohandessin behind Hossam and Mostafa, He is so funny, I had known him since fifth preparatory, I love him so much.

Mahmoud el Hosary
he`s so good friend

It`s my friend Mahmoud Samy El Hosary, He`s the best of my class mates, he`s so decent and funny, I love him so much he is very good student in our school, he has the sixth over school. I had known him from very long time since 1997 we were at same class in examinations, I love him very much, we always study with each other.He loves El-Ahly club, He loves playing football. he plays at the position of Defender.    

Sherif Amr

Hatem, M.Ezz and Khaled

Here I might put a picture of another group picture, those are Hatem, Mohammed Ezz and Khaled Hazem when they were in my house this summer, khaled Hazem and Hetem Sherif and Mohammed Ezz, Mohammed Ezz was at the north coast and he was so happy when he came at that day and saw us. 

Hossam Brazila

Hossam Brazila is one of my friends, I had known him since fifth primary when we played football together with Atfy and Omar Hossam, He`s very cool, He plays computer games well, he also loves playing football, He is very good in playing counter strike game, He lives in Mohandessin.

Mohammed Ezz

Mohammed Ezz is one of my favourite school friends, I love him so much, He was with me at the same class in 2nd,1st years preparatory, I used to meet him in the north coast and enjoy smmer with playing ping-pong and other sports.